The Research Computing Group at Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences provides a variety technology services to support Harvard's research community including:

  • Odyssey Cluster Access
  • Instrument Scheduling and Payment
  • Lab Group Data Storage

Requesting an RC account using this web application is the first step toward using these services. After you fill out the captcha below, you will be asked to fill out several forms, which will help RC staff authenticate your identity and prove that you are authorized to use these services.

Since some of the services you need require payment, training or both, you will also be asked to provide sponsorship information.

  • Internal Harvard users typically are members of a research lab who are sponsored by their lab's faculty member. Internal Harvard users pay for services using a Harvard 33-digit expense code, which is assigned to them by their lab administrator. Internal users should be prepared to provide contact information for both their faculty sponsor and their lab administrator.
  • External users are typically associated with the facility they plan to use (e.g. the Harvard Center for Biological Imaging) and are sponsored by that facility's administrator. External users can pay for services using a purchase order which is assigned by their facility administrator. External users will be asked to select their facility administrator from a list.

Before we can begin to collect your information, first we must verify that you are, in fact, human. To do so, please write out the semi-obscured text below.